Residential – hospitality – corporate interior design

THE BRANDT STUDIO offers numerous interior design & architecture services as well as being a renovation consultancy for both residential and corporate estates, focusing on quality materials, eminent craftsmanship and bespoke solutions. With an uncompromising approach to comfort, a harmonious  color palette, and mix of contrasts and styles an aesthetic interaction is created to suit your individual wishes and needs. The result is an understated luxury look with soul. The Brandt Studio features and sells furniture, lighting, decorative items, luxury hardware, textiles, natural stones, floors and unique, bespoke furniture and objects from around the world. Founder of THE BRANDT STUDIO, Julie Brandt, has over 25 years of experience within the interior and fashion industry. As the co-founder and creative visionary of the renowned interior design-shop Rue Verte, concept and brand developer of numerous brands, Julie draws upon her expertise in designing interiors of numerous homes for private clients and companies. Over the past years, Julie Brandt and the team has designed numerous private residences, corporate estates, hospitality and worked for a wide range of clients and companies in Europe. THE BRANDT’S creative credo reflects upon Julie Brandt’s unique approach to design dualities, where opposites attract and contrasts are combined to create cohesion. Our strength lies in curating an intriguing mix of elements, eras, colours and materials to create a balance and sense of harmony. Incorporating discrete details that can take a space from ordinary to exceptional. A look that’s classic yet contemporary, timeless vs. temporary. The effect is understated elegance in personalized, intuitive spaces with soul where the interior of a home or the corporate interior should tell a story and reflect the personality of the people who reside there.


Concept Development

With over 25 years of experience in concept development, design processes, material selection, production, and a large network of manufacturers, designers and artists, we strive to guide our clients in the best possible way from concept to implementation regardless of project size.

There are always many aspects to consider when new ideas and products are in the pipeline. One can easily become overwhelmed by the process and the many decisions that follow when creating something new, may it be a product or a concept. We contribute by guiding and shaping the creative process which leads to a clear visual identity and function that appeals to the target consumer and market segmentation. We are always keen on meeting new people with new ideas and design concepts who are just as enthusiastic about design as we are, and who dare to be different and challenge the ordinary.

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Our showroom features and sells furniture, lighting, decorative items, luxury hardware, textiles, natural stones, floors and unique, bespoke furniture and objects from around the world....

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