THE BRANDT is a fusion of influences merging contrasts to create cohesion. Balancing the raw and the refined using natural, noble materials imbued with an innate beauty. The outcome is an eclectic line of interior design objects that combine a synergy of styles, tones, textures and sensations. Exquisitely crafted pieces with a contemporary take on classics – in a look that’s understated, elegant and inviting. For intuitive spaces with soul.

For Creative Director Julie Brandt, it’s all part of her decades of work designing interiors with atmosphere. Authentic, aesthetic and inviting. Reflecting Julie’s penchant for personalising spaces to express the individuality of the owner. And passion for delicious details that can transform any interior from ordinary to exceptional. Where the variations and combinations of mixing and matching elements create a personal touch.


Our overall aim is to design interiors to be truly individual and inviting. We play with dualities to create a balance and harmony. Drawing on an eclectic mix of influences, eras and materials to curate a cohesive look that’s understated, elegant and enduring. Rooted in a Scandinavian sensibility but international in appeal, it’s the decorative details that make the difference. For us, a space should reflect the personal expression of the people who inhabit it. It’s all about creating a bespoke look you can call your own.


We are driven by aesthetics, honesty and integrity. From the natural, noble materials we use to the incomparable craftsmanship of every product in our portfolio. We are uncompromising when it comes to high quality. At the same time, we embrace the importance of exclusive items that are inclusive of everyone, in our egalitarian aim to design affordable luxury.


Our focus is on the innate beauty of natural materials, textures and tonalities. Our signature style is all about contrasts that come together, merging natural with man-made. Each material is selected for its intrinsic character, colour, surface and texture, as well as how it ages with patina and poise over time. Adding an extra dimension of authenticity and originality to any interior.


While we insist on the highest quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship, we also explore new finishes and undiscovered techniques. Experimenting with shapes, colours and surfaces in a variety of compelling combinations. All in an effort to create pieces with poetry and panache.

Eco Conscious

We actively seek sustainable solutions from the people we choose to partner with, including their compliance with the proper protocols for responsible production and use of materials. What’s more, we are keen on creating timeless designs. Long-lasting in terms of durability and appeal in objects you’ll want to covet forever. Denmark is a country with a deep respect for nature. It’s where the majority of our products are produced. We’re keen on promoting and developing local resources and production. Consequently, we’re in a better position to oversee the quality and guarantee safe working environments.





Med instinktiv sans for stil, og flair for at sammensætte materialer, farver, interiør og detaljer, skaber Julie Brandt personlige, elegante, komfortable og fascinerende universer. Fra hjertet af Julies design univers lanceres en ny kollektion med smukke luksuriøse greb under navnet THE BRANDT.

En kollektion med greb, håndtag og dør greb udført i kompromisløse materialer i international stil med fokus på uovertruffet håndværk produceret i Skandinavien. En fusion af det klassiske og det moderne, skaber et tidløst raffineret look.De mange forskellige modeller, varianter af overflader og materialer gør det muligt at matche forskellige look og stilarter og derved sætte sit helt personlige og eksklusive præg på køkkener, garderober, badeværelser, samt et nyt eller gammelt møbel.

Der er pt 5 forskellige modeller af skabs- eller skuffe greb; THE SIDE, THE END, THE CENTER, THE HOOK og THE KNOB og et dørgreb; THE DOOR. Du kan vælge mellem 5 metaller i selve basen/bæringen af grebet og 10 materialer (metal, træ eller horn) til selve håndgrebet. Der er uanede muligheder for at sammensætte og vi hjælper dig gerne. Det er detaljen der tæller hos THE BRANDT, så kontakt os for oplysninger om nærmeste forhandler eller butik.

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